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Porter Cable 30 Gallon Air Compressor

What is an air compressor? It is a device built for conversion of power into what is known as a potential energy and then stores it into the compressed air. They are responsible for the supply of an uninterrupted flow of air to all the components in a system. They work regularly in the compression phase and the release phase. Keep in mind that an air compressor can be powered by electricity, diesel and gas. A compressor can easily detect when the storage tank is completely filled up and then shut down itself. The compressed air remained stored in the tank until it's time for use. Once a tank is empty, the air compressor resumes working again.

The volume of air delivered by a compressor is mostly measured in a Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Some air compressors are built with self-cooling properties. This means they hardly witness high operating temperatures while in use. Not all of them are built with this feature. Some are cooled by oil or weather condition.

Air compressors can be classified into three categories depending on the kind of pressure being delivered, and they are:

Having highlighted that, we would like to introduce the Porter Cable 30 gallon air compressor and all of its specifications:

It also shares compatibility with lots of accessories like The Campbell flooring nailer and stapler, Campbell Hausfed Caulk gun, Campbell Hausfed Impact extension, Legacy Air powered gun extension, Campbell Hausfed Detail Siphon-Feed Spray Gun and finally the Eagle Hybri-Fed Air Hose.

Although there are mainly three types of air compressors :

Each of the various types of air compressors have distinctive features. Their use depends on what kind of operation they are needed for.

It is expedient that an air compressor is properly maintained in order to avoid leakages. However, maximum supervision should be allotted to air compressors and in cases where there is the need to replace certain parts, it is imperative to do so. The below supervision and maintenance tasks should be carried out regularly by whoever uses the compressor: