LG.Philips Displays scores big at Turkish roadshows

LG.Philips Displays made a big hit among Turkish TV set manufacturers during two roadshows our company held in March 2004 in Istanbul and Manisa, Turkey.

TV set makers Beko and Telra attended our roadshow at Hotel Kaya Ramada Istanbul on March 16, and two days later, the management and technical staff of Vestel attended our roadshow and presentation held right at the company’s plant in Manisa.

During the roadshows, LG.Philips Displays made a comprehensive presentation of what our company can offer to our customers, and staged exhibits of latest product innovations with detailed discussions of our latest products relevant to our customers’ business.

The presentation gave the three Turkish TV manufacturers an overview of the market and LG.Philips Displays’ position in the business. There were also substantive discussions on our company’s cost and performance innovations related to products on exhibit and product benchmarks. A special aspect of the presentations involved an introduction and demonstration of our SuperSlim products.

About 120 employees from the three Turkish companies visited our Roadshow. They came from R&D;, purchasing, sales, logistics and management.

Among the products on exhibit were the 29”RF, 28”WSRF, 24”WSRF, 25”RF, 32”WSRF, 34”RF, 32”WSRF Cybertube+ SuperSlim and 21”RF Cybertube+ SuperSlim. The top stars were the 32”WSRF SuperSlim and the 21”RF SuperSlim, which generated much interest and positive remarks from the visitors.