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Sept 11. LG.Philips Displays introduces the world’s first family of SuperSlim color picture tubes

Sept 11. LG.Philips Displays demonstrates innovation in CRTs; launches Cybertube+ SuperSlim products

Aug 25. LG.Philips Displays presents breakthrough “Cybertube+ SuperSlim” color picture tube in Berlin show

Aug 11. LG.Philips Displays sets up new production line in Asia

July 28. LG.Philips Displays Tube Factory Aachen wins Best Innovator Award

July 16. LG.Philips Displays steps up mass production of Tint color picture tubes

July 10. LG.Philips Displays Durham achieves millionth milestone

June 18. LG.Philips Displays Durham gets ‘Best Supplier’ Award

May 22. LG.Philips Displays announces closure of its plants in Newport, Wales and Southport, England

May 12. LG.Philips Displays: first and only manufacturer to produce 36” WSRF CRT color picture tubes in Europe

Apr 29. LG.Philips Displays sets mass production for 29” RF Tint tube

Apr 28. LG.Philips Displays introduces new color picture tube for the Americas and China markets

Apr 04. LG.Philips Displays completes third phase of Manaus expansion

Mar 31. Business Creation to be majority shareholder of LG.Philips Displays operations in Barcelona

Mar 24. Earning and Learning at the LG.Philips Displays’ UK plant

Mar 10. LG.Philips Displays achieves breakthrough USD165 million operational profit on USD4.4 billion sales

Mar 07. LG.Philips Displays’ Czech plant marks milestone production

Jan 09. LG.Philips Displays launches new cost effective, high resolution color picture tubes at CES 2003 in Las Vegas


Oct 17. LG.Philips Displays supports award-winning Philips technology

Aug 29. LG.Philips Displays’ picture tube supports Pixel Plus in Philips’ award winning TV-set

Aug 12. CRTs lead display technologies; sales hit 120 million units in Jan-June 2002

Aug 01. LG.Philips Displays develops new environment friendly detergent

Jul 23. LG.Philips Displays taps PCCW for advanced global network

Jul 19. LG.Philips Displays plans to transfer the ownership of its industrial activities in Barcelona to Business Creation

Jun 24. Over 100 years old and getting better: CRT remains a major display technology

Jun 04. LG.Philips Displays posts annual sales of over USD4 billion in 2001

May 27. LG.Philips Displays launches new CRT color picture tubes

Apr 03. LG.Philips Displays to extend sub-contracting from Washington, UK

Mar 20. LG. Philips Displays announces plans to expedite closure of factory in Lebring, Austria

Jan 10. LG. Philips Displays announces plans to expedite closure of factory in Ottawa, Ohio


Dec 05. Mexico President Vicente Fox opens new LG.Philips Displays factory in Gomez Palacio, Mexico

Nov 22. LG.Philips Displays intends to restructure development activities in Eindhoven

Oct 30. Visit of Dutch Government Officials to LG.Philips Displays

Sep 11. LG.Philips Displays Technology Center opens in Hranice

Sep 05. LG.Philips Displays intends to sub-contract production of CRT electron guns

Aug 25. New high-definition Cybertube Color Picture Tubes for the digital age

Aug 25. New Cybertube Slim Color Picture Tubes enable space-saving widescreen TV sets

Aug 16. Andreas Wente appointed new CEO of LG.Philips Displays

Jul 05. LG.Philips Displays: New world leader in Displays

Jul 03. Dapon Monitor CRT Plant to be closed

Jun 11. Philips and LG sign Definitive Agreement on joint venture